Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Last week was another productive week.  Installation of the Maretron system is almost complete. Martin worked with them to start the last stage of verifying that all the sensors are working correctly.  Yachtsign came and installed our boat name on the port & starboard side of the fly bridge and on her stern. The signs on the fly bridge are lit, more than plenty of “bling” J  We were very excited to see her name up in lights!  The name on the stern shows off the complete logo (thank you Cecilia!)

It's really satisfying to see her with her name, we're so close to calling her "home".

Martin has plenty to keep him occupied on the boat while the electrics and maretron systems continue to be installed. I'm working on other miscellaneous tasks, many of which involve organizing. This weekend I started tackling the manuals.  Borrowing a system from Bernie, I began putting everything into binders. It's a weekend project since the guys need them during the week. I'm off to a good start with the semi-complete binders (about 11 of them so far) back on the boat first thing this morning. 

I’ve also been putting together a binder of recipes for the boat. I'm thinking that it will be easier to experiment now when I have easy access to a grocery store and Asian market.  I’ve been experimenting with Thai recipes for the past couple of months and am starting to get the hang of it. All the necessary ingredients have been added to our provisioning list and am looking forward to our expanded menu aboard Blossom.

All the cooking inspired me to plant a few herbs last week. We have cilantro, sweet basil, Thai basil and mint. I'm amazed at how quickly things grow in Florida. I already have enough to harvest!

On the social front, we bid a sad farewell to our friends, Sean & Louise who left Stuart on Friday, heading south for Fort Lauderdale. I accompanied them down to West Palm Beach where Martin met up with us and we had a “see you in a few weeks” good-bye dinner.  It will feel strange to be in Stuart without them! 

We also had a lovely Easter brunch with new friends that we met in Stuart. We enjoyed watching a spirited Easter egg hunt, a tasty brunch and talking with lovely fellow boaters and their friends.  Life in Stuart has been very good to us!

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