Sunday, August 25, 2013

Build Update

We received photos taken at the yard a couple of weeks ago and I'm only now getting around to sharing them with the world at large.

The build progresses. It's hard to tell whether she'll be finished at the yard by the end of October but they're certainly going "full steam ahead" on building her. I've my last trip out there scheduled for mid-October but we expect at least one more set of photos between now and then.

We've been busy settling a few questions - location of Hella fans and layout of the helms - so they can get the wiring all done.

Not much has changed on the hull but the wing engine prop shaft has been installed. Unfortunately, it's too short to be able to install a line cutter. We're talking with PAE to see if we can get a slightly longer shaft installed - 2" more is all we need. You can also see the three under water lights have been installed on the transom below the swim step.

In the Salon a lot of the wood working is complete. You can see the side lockers are nearly finished as well as the paneling above the galley. Also see that the fridge has been installed.

Other than the fridge, I don't see any evidence of progress in the galley.

In the master stateroom the bed's almost complete and there's a lot of wires dangling from the ceiling. There's also evidence that the plumbing has started to go in.

More wires and tubes in the master head.

The VIP stateroom and head show similar progress.

Not too surprisingly, the pilot house has a rats-nest of wires. The couch has been built out, as has the small bed/couch in the back. Don't panic! That "cupboard" blocking the porthole in the tea station is, in fact, a couple of drawers, stacked ready for installation.

More build-out in the utility room and the freezer is in.

The hydraulics oil tank has been plumbed in. Other than that, I'm not seeing much change in the engine room.

The lazerette now looks like my desk at home. Except for that very neat bank of switches and large cables that will run to the batteries and generators.