Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting things done

Work on Blossom is coming right along with the end in sight for several installations.  Brian and Troy from Celtic Marine Electronics should have our electronics finished within a couple of weeks and Maz Ocean will be finished installing the maretron monitoring system in about a week.  These are the biggest installs we are doing and require the most man hours, the majority of which are running hundreds of wires through the boat. Here’s what Blossom has looked like for that past 6 weeks or so:

Tasks completed:

V-Kool has been installed on our salon and pilot house windows. This is a film that purports to cut UV by 98% and heat by 55%.  We’ve heard some mixed reviews about window films but decided to give it a try. 

We’ve been working with Buck from Safety First to set up our scuba gear. He and Joe came out to get compressor and fill station sorted (we can fill 4 tanks at a time) and install our scuba tank holders.

Marquip has also installed the hardware for our “step across” and cockpit stairs:

Commissioning has now begun in earnest as well.  Yesterday, Steelhead was here fixing the davit (it wasn’t working and needed a new part), ABT was here fixing the stabilizers (also requires a replacement part), and Rob & Chris were commissioning the chilled water system.  Martin got into the game, successfully transferring fuel between fuel tanks. 

It feels great to see so much getting done.  The company line is that it takes “6-8 weeks to commission an N60” (as a salesman told some prospective buyers that were visiting Blossom last week). We’re 10 weeks into commissioning now but work really only started a couple weeks ago once the boat next to ours started wrapping up.  We’re hoping to take possession of the boat about 5 weeks from now.

In the meantime we're also enjoying the local wildlife!

And last but far from least, Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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