Friday, April 26, 2013

Time to Blog again!  We’re 8 months into our build and Blossom is starting to really take shape.  We’ve compiled several photos from those sent to us from Mike and from our trip to Xiamen in January.   The trip was great!  We were so pleased to get to meet the team there and were very impressed with the workmanship and craft that we saw.  

Now that the interior is being built out, we can start to see what the interior will look like. There’s a bit of the cherry wood visible in the pilot house and it’s gorgeous.  We can also see some of the changes we’ve made start to take shape.   For those familiar with the Nordhavn 55/60 model, these changes include:

·         removal of the wall in Pilot House/Captain Cabin
·         removal of the overhead cabinets between salon and galley
·         construction of cabinets rather than bar between salon and galley
·         additional cabinet starboard/aft in salon
·         raised desk in guest stateroom (making it a sewing table!)
·         additional storage space/dresser in guest stateroom
·         additional port holes on either side of guest cabin
·         removal of stairway from boat deck to cockpit allowing for larger window
·         widen console in cockpit to contain electric grill

We’ll continue to post photos as we received them, which is about every 6 weeks.  And Scott will be going to Xiamen soon, probably in May, so we’ll have more to report and lots of pictures to come!

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