Thursday, May 12, 2016

Change of Guard at Palm Cay Marina

Our stay at Palm Cay Marina went by quickly and was very low key as it’s a sleepy marina, away from the hubbub of Nassau. We’re not really fans of Nassau and it’s nice to be able to be near the airport but far from the city. The only down side was that we were up against a concrete wall and it was a bit difficult to get on and off the boat. We were surprised at all of the sea life we saw in the marina. One evening a very large turtle swam by us and the next night we saw a spotted eagle ray in the basin.

Jim was with us for a day before he headed home so we used that as a working day. The guys cleaned the outside of Blossom until she was sparkly while I attacked the inside. Blossom was looking good! 

Then Jim headed back to Florida and we spent the next two days doing a bit more cleaning/organizing, some shopping and provisioning. The marina has a car that you can rent for a half day which makes it a great place to drop off/pick up guests and to provision.

Saturday evening we went into town to have dinner with David and Jackie from Fat Bottom Girl. We went to Montagu Island Restaurant in Nassau which is great because they transport you to and from the restaurant (a bit late, but still, it’s nice!) We had a fantastic time with them and feel we’ve made some wonderful new friends!

Sunday was the big day when Martin's brother and sister-in-law, Ed & Jo, arrived from Leeds. We'll be spending the next two weeks exploring the Exuma's with them!

Woo Hoo, let the party begin!!!

Martin & Ed enjoying Bahamian Kaliks

Sunday evening we got them settled in on the boat and enjoyed a lovely evening at the marina restaurant. Monday morning we headed out to begin our adventure – destination: Shroud Cay!

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