Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RIP (girl) George

Today we said goodbye to another sweet furry soul. Girl George passed away this afternoon. George has suffered from kidney for several years and through loving attention and care, she has done well for so long. But illness has taken its toll and Sean & Louise had to make a most difficult, loving, and compassionate decision to let her rest. My heart aches for Sean & Louise. They adore their girl and their hearts are breaking today.

Martin and I had the pleasure of hosting George and her sister Angel for two weeks over the holidays a couple of years ago. We have warm and smiling memories of their visit. Girl George immediately took to the house and established herself as the matriarch.  A known “nipper” we introduced her to our home grown stash that we grew in the yard and I must say, I’ve never seen such a reaction. She loved her nip J By the end of the two weeks we had both Georges sleeping on the bed with us, an uneasy truce, but every day they got more used to each other. 

I took the picture above of girl George yesterday as she was looking out the window, nose twitching from the smells blowing in off the river.  It reminds me a bit of the picture I took of boy George in the car, heading to his new home in Florida.  Sweet souls, peering out at the world, looking into the bright day.

It’s been a tough year losing George and now girl George, two very special companions. I hope they’re happy together sharing nip, a soft bed, and reminiscing…  

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