Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rock Hall with Friends

Friday was special day for us as we pulled in to Rock Hall to find Vector docked and waiting to help us with our lines.  We snugged up close and docked stern to stern, neighbors at last!  There was a big fishing tournament going on at Rock Hall that Saturday and for a minute we thought we might get shooed away but luckily we were able to stay for two nights as long as we snugged up to each other on the end of the dock.

Vector and Blossom, together at last!

We spent the next two days catching up and generally having a great time together. Martin and I got a lot of cat time in with (girl) George and Angel. We walked into town for lunch one day and wouldn’t you know it, we found a tiny quilt shop. Louise and I got some beautiful holiday fabric and started discussing our future sewing days together…

Girl George and Martin chilling on Blossom

The big excitement of Saturday was thanks to yours truly. Friday evening I had decided to clean out the porthole windows from the salt spray and ended up pushing a screen through the hole and into the water. Not so good. So the next day Martin generously took one for the team and donned his shorty wet suit to brave the murky 76 degree water to retrieve it. This was particularly important as we have no spares! 

Martin, ready to treasure hunt

We put “order spare screens” on the to-do list right away.  Free diving didn’t work so well so we broke out the snuba set up we have, attaching a long hose to one of our dive tanks. There’s a regulator on the other end and Martin’s put on a dive belt (thanks Sean!) to help him reach the bottom. Dropping a weight and string out the window to help navigate, Martin found the screen sitting in the mud in no time.

Snuba in action

As for boat maintenance, the 9k generator decided to put us in our place and broke down, again. The guys will take a look at it later today. Now we have three big brains trying to tackle the rather irritating brand-new generator that refuses to work for more than a couple days in a row. I hope we get it sorted out soon. The 9k is quieter and the exhaust is less of an issue (the 20k filters in to the master stateroom if the wind is right and it’s stinky).

This morning we’re heading out to an anchorage in the Chester River. Sean did some research and found a great place where we can anchor then drop the dinghy and explore a small down that’s up the creek (Centerville). Wouldn’t you know it, there seems to be a quilt shop there! J 

I have Moroccan stew cooking in the crock pot and it’s a wonderful 63 degrees out. We’re looking forward to dropping the hook in a quiet, out of the way area and having company over for dinner!

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